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explorations involving fauna & human creatures—see my toes&nose category.

playful swinging singing birds

boys with singing chirping swinging birds


some day i will have a dog—perhaps we will share experiences & snacks.
we might even have the same taste in movies.

man reading with his dog while sharing snacks

such a beautiful spring. i stop to listen to the chatter of birds & watch the wings move above the buildings & trees. they seem to move the clouds & open the sky.
my bird-talk portfolio offers more illustrations honoring the presence of birds.

moving through the dark


sun flowing across the skylet’s forget our daily challenges & imagine a day filled with the smell of grass & gently fragrant blossoms, a cool breeze, & the sun light dancing off our toes as we run through an open field.
i am ready—let’s go.

little white rabbit leaping with the sun on her toes













spring is here. the birds are chatting. they have so much to say. listen. embrace that sound.
see a little more in my portfolio bird talk.embrace & flight of the birds

bird talk

birds amoung the glyphs from their songshorse flying over the darkness while creating energydrawing for "Water" a story about a staffordshire terrier and a child