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i’m late little alice

White Rabbit— Why, Mary Ann! What are you doing out here?

Alice— Mary Ann?

White Rabbit— Don’t just do something, stand there… Uh… no no!
  Go go! Go get my gloves! I’m late!

Alice— But late for what? That’s just what I…

White Rabbit— My gloves!

White Rabbit— At once, do you hear!

Alice— Goodness. I suppose I’ll be taking orders from Dinah next.

—Lewis Carroll




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run rabbit run

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”
—Joan Didion, The White Album


visual storytelling is often presented without words. so we bring our own stories,
our interpretations to what we see. such as knowing what is in a look? 

do we know when someone is being pursued or chased, running from or running with? 

do we know when someone is aware of another’s presence or uncertain of a sound heard in the distance.


detail wolf face eyesdetail rabbit face eyes



boy in wolf mask looks at us while he listens for sounds in the forestgirl in rabbit mask looks at us while she moves through the forest

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hare hair

style is such an individual thing. though, big hare always seem to come back into fashion.big hair with a big hare bonnet

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therefore i am mad

eyes of a curious cat

“And how do you know that you’re mad?

“To begin with,” said the Cat,
“a dog’s not mad.
You grant that?”
“I suppose so,”
said Alice.

Well then,” the Cat went on, “you see a dog growls when it’s angry, & wags its tale when it’s pleased.little dancing dog


Now I growl when I’m pleased, wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore I’m mad.”

―Lewis Carroll,
  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  & Through the Looking-Glass


so i can’t help wondering,
what do the cheshire cat, dormouse,
& march hare do with their time
when the madhatter is away
from the tea party.

hum? i think i will join them,
how about you?

curiouser & curiouser cheshire cat, mouse, & march-hare

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