leaves wings and other such things
bird talk

clustered together & chatting together flipped around and upside down

see rustle in the brush if you wonder as i do what goes on when they gather.

peeping in to see the community of birds in the bushesgoat listening to the birds that surround him

As I went out a Crow—In a low voice said, “Oh,—I was looking for you.—How do you do?—I just came to tell you—To tell Lesley (will you?)
That her little Bluebird—Wanted me to bring word—That the north wind last night—That made the stars bright
And made ice on the trough—Almost made him cough—His tail feathers off.
He just had to fly!—But he sent her Good-by,—And said to be good,—And wear her red hood,
And look for the skunk tracks—In the snow with an ax—And do everything!
And perhaps in the spring—He would come back and sing.”
—Robert Frost 

 a little romance with nature—embracing a tree & bird

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  1. Look in Wonder

    Love the colors and the peaceful feeling in your work.


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