leaves wings and other such things

branches    buds    trunks    blossoms    roots    waving     rustling    covering the sky
explorations involving flora—see my twig&blossoms category.

small buds dangling over a wash of blue pedals

there are so many beautiful lines in nature—in the vines, in the stems, in the twigs, in the leaves, in the
pedals. they surround us in movement, texture, & form. i want to wrap myself in it all.
more interpretation of this environment of line in my portfolio framed amaryllis.
bloom framed in pockets of love veins 

the little plants in our garden are beginning to show their faces to the sun. the marigolds are thriving & ready to protect our tomatos as they emerge & grow. this makes me think about my tomato illustration about Berneetha, the nurturing woman from the children’s book, GROW.large plump tomato on a small plant representing berneetha from the book GROW














sometimes we see shapes & faces in the clouds. sometimes i have seen faces & shapes in the thick of the trees. perhaps it’s because i can’t stop imagining all the creatures of the earth mingling together. to see more, go to my page other such & stroll through the portfolio called existing in harmony.

earth water air tree—creatures seen in the thick of the tree



















always looking for a four-leaf clover. i inherited that from my grandmother. according to Scribner’s Illustrated Magazine for Girls and Boys each leaf has a meaning: faith, hope, love, & good luck. a feline & seahorse show-off their good luck four-leaf clover

tiny spotted red blossoms nested in greena celestial boutique still life on the moon