leaves wings and other such things

i am a hand-drawn line.

inspiration and looking forward to the new year



t’was the night before christmas. . . .



a little halloween garden

halloween garden botanical with crows and bats
our little bird family

backyard bird Kingdom






























it’s a party—jump on in!



the contagious joy & energy of a beloved canine—see dancing dog toes.



a little bandt, a little nut, a little swallow—stealing berries, running up & down, swooping to & fro

waxwing nuthatch barnswallow drawing

mermaid looking up in wonder of calla lily blossoms





open to a sense of wonder












the feel of the wind, of moving forward together & the sound of wings flying together.
drawing of three figures flying together

to fly or suspend from a long green stem, birds & calla lilies imagine each others existence in flight of the calla lilies & flowering calla lily birds.
birds as flowers & flowers are birds

a little family portrait—just because.

a little family portrait sketch
























when birds gathering together, i wonder if & how they communicate,
my post rustle in the brush takes a peek in the bushes.sketch of little birds chatting together

songs of spring become joys of summer. see more of nature enjoy the sun in my post summer.

swinging birds sing songs of pring


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  ―Lewis Carroll

so click therefore i am mad, & take a road to wonderland where mad is mad or maybe not.
tweedle-dee & tweedle-dum hugged together


there are relationship that bring hope to our lives.
entwined is my way of acknowledging them.

mothers embrace thinking about future family

owl tree drawing part of the branches protecting the trees

















protecting the trees from within.
guardian of the woods reveals a little more.





to be embraced is not a little thing. click here to find a little tenderness.

cuddling with my dapper napper woman & cat nap together

cluster of birch trees illustration from children's book GROW


i often wonder
what life would be it i could achieve flight
& live in the branches with the birds.
my post hear in the trees
is a glimpse into how that might be.


thinking about someone who was nurturing
& loved the flora & fauna of nature.
flowers for trees is a little post in honor
of mother’s day & someone i miss.
my best to you & yours.

sketch of florence serpant



i continue to stroll through the memory of my trip to italy. everyday. a connection & experience that drives me. see post grotesque beauty. beyond this point there be dragons.




looks like the feline is ready to catch some zzzzzs & dream a little dream with me. my post dreamer follows us to lala-land.

cat's pjs—feline dressed and ready to nap

















i wrap myself in a pocket of water, it may save my life.a pocket of water detail

drawing for peace & harmony nature illustrationdrawing for alphabet tatoo girlcats from the children's book GROW