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heard & seen waxwing bandit

cedar wax wing


the cedar waxwing is a little bandit who gathers in a group to sweep in & swallow-up all the berries from the holly bushes.








Four Tao philosophers as cedar waxwings
chat on a February berry bush
in sun, and I am one.

Such merriment and such sobriety—
the small wild fruit on the tall stalk—
was this not always my true style?

Above an elegance of snow, beneath
a silk-blue sky a brotherhood of four
birds. Can you mistake us?

To sun, to feast, and to converse
and all together—for this I have abandoned
all my other lives.

—Robert Francis

study of cedar waxwing nestled in berries

the provided link is from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds website.

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