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grotesque beauty

grotesque ornament animal detailin fiction, characters are usually considered grotesque if they induce both empathy and disgust. 
grotesque ornament face detailthese characters are juxaposed with lovely, fluid, desirable faces & figures.
grotesque ornament animal detail2according to “holy terrors: gargoyles on medieval buildings” the grotesques have been confused with gargoyles which have water spout mouths—the grotesques do not.  
grotesque ornament animal detail3artists began to give the figures in grotesque decorations strange caricatured expressions, continuing the medieval traditions of the drolleries of illuminated manuscripts. —Oxford American Dictionary

The grotesque describes a category of images that fits uneasily within the field of Western aesthetics & art history. The relative neglect of these images may be attributed in part to the classical foundations of these disciplines, because the grotesque presents the inverse of beauty and rationality. Where the creation of the beauty was exemplified by the legendary Greek artist Zeuxis, who combined the best features of several figures in order to create one of perfect & unified beauty, the grotesque was formed by combining parts of unlike creatures, seemingly without reason or purpose. Also weighing against the grotesque is its extreme variability, its extravagance & hyperbole, & its resistance to rules or fixed categories. As Victor Hugo observed, there was only one standard for ideal beauty, whereas the variations & combinations possible for the grotesque were limitless. One can go further and say that these combinations are also unpredictable, because they defy logic & deliberately break down established boundaries. —Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

grotesque ornament wall designsgrotesque ornament wall designs








these are photos from my trip to italy from captivating locations in florence & rome. illustrations covering walls & buildings. a wealth of visuals asking to be seen, experienced & interpreted. i find myself captivated. returning to them again & again.
strange and curious ornamental designs

strange and beautiful designsclick the link to see a little more of the inspiration found on my trip to italy.


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