leaves wings and other such things

flowers for trees

on the distant cliff of a table.
Up close, it draws you in,
cuts everything down to size.

Look at it from the doorway,
& the world dilates & bloats.

The button lying next to it
is now a pearl wheel,
the book of matches is a raft,
& the coffee cup a cistern
to catch the same rain
that moistens its small plot of dark, mossy earth.

For it even carries its own weather,
leaning away from a fierce wind
that somehow blows 
through the calm tropics of this room.

The way it bends inland at the elbow
makes me want to inch my way
to the very top of its spiky greenery,
hold on for dear life
& watch the sea storm rage,
hoping for a tiny whale to appear.

I want to see her plunging forward
through the troughs,
tunneling under the foam & spindrift
on her annual, thousand mile journey.

—Billy Collins

bird in flight from tree top

in honor of mother’s day & the precious woman who i watched grow & who watched over me as i grew, here is a bouquet of flowers for the trees. two things dear to her heart.
a bouquet for the trees

from some of our walks together, here are some flowers & trees that we shared.
tiny spotted red blossomscluster of pink blossomsshoreline garden of the Cà d’Oro mansion

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i am a hand-drawn line. an illustrator & designer who is curious about flora, fauna, human creatures, & glyphs.

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