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human type

form and meaning; texture and function; vibration and emotion, & as Steven Heller states, “one of the main attractions of type is the way it echoes and resonates with different things that are going on at the same time in society.”

in an assignment for CARE i collaborated to create family portraits—a man, woman, & child. hand-drawn portrait of man for CARE


hand-drawn type portrait of woman for CARE

they were formed by words that listed resources which could help struggling communities.

in a more whimsical interpretation the alphabet is a tattoo that flows down the neck.girl with alphabet tatoo
boy with alphabet tatoo

 to see other portraits with hand-drawn type go to my human type portfolio and go to the pimento files to find out about a couple hand-drawn type brain images.

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i am a hand-drawn line. an illustrator & designer who is curious about flora, fauna, human creatures, & glyphs.

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  1. Erin Mooney

    This is a great looking post. Love the contrast of the figures created by type and the figures tattooed with type.

  2. Darryl Moland

    Love these! Wish the guy were shirtless though so the letters were all “tattooed”

    • stanislawa



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