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gone fishing

when in florida i find the most curious birds, on roof tops, walking through parking lots, bathing in ponds, flying across the vast blue sky—egrets, osprey, storks, ducks, geese, vultures. an amazing wealth of inspiration.

egret keeping watch from the tree branches as a storm is brewinga beautiful egret so magestic in the trees—so casual walking down a sidewalk.

young osprey watching me watching hima young osprey enjoying the sun, stretching out his wings while nested in the twisted branch of a dead tree.

curious strutting wood storksa community of wood storks strutting through the yards of a quiet neighborhood unphased by those of us watching.

i imagine what kind of life these creatures have that is kept secret from us. perhaps they survive in a way that we cannot see—that they let us see only what they want us to see. if so, then what if. . . .

egret taking a catching a fish by the tail sketch

egret enjoying his catch

egret flipping a fish in the air before swallowing

perhaps they would have a personal reserve—their own private fish tank.an egret with his own private fish tank—gone fishing

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i am a hand-drawn line. an illustrator & designer who is curious about flora, fauna, human creatures, & glyphs.

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  1. Dancingwater

    I love the image of the fish inside

    • stanislawa

      hey ya—things are not always what they seem—perhaps these birds swallow fish to keep them as pets, hum?


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